The site in Southern Malaysia is a region of infil. My strategy involves “daylighting” or reinstating the waterways that were existing in the area but have been filled in to allow for development. The daylighting process is part of a larger effort to restore this region to one of agricultural and biological diversity. 
With the re-introduction of these waterways, reinforcement is needed to fortify the coastline and prevent erosion. Mangroves are a resource in the region that does this naturally. Their root systems are incredibly strong and can survive in harsh coastal conditions.
The built form I am introducing is a calibrated system that mimics the structure of the mangrove trees. Where it meets the ground, the system forms a sinewy structural net that protects the coastline. This network is made up of tubes that absorb and redistribute water and nutrients from the ground and waterways to the vertical strata of plants. At the building extends upwards, the net system expands and becomes occupiable. The system allows for vertical farming at different levels in section, providing access from the tree top walk down to the ground level, accessing the new waterways for aquaculture and recreation.